Wednesday, August 25, 2010


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now, I know there are addicts out there who can't stop tweeting, but sometimes it can get ridiculous.

Miley Cyrus deleted her twitter account because she tweeted every single thing she did. I'm making coffee, I'm spending time with my sister, watching TV, OMG breakfast is awesome!, and so on and so forth.

There are lots of people like that, really, and whatever...different strokes for different folks, so one really can't judge, but when you tweet things like this, I think it's time to seek professionals.

chicky is Amanda Bynes and she is a twitter addict. So much so that the thought of twitter turns her on. When she's on twitter, she's like that bear in Kylie Minogue's arms. Her twitter is never stagnant..she updates it every few SECONDS. God. If she was a guy and twitter was a real girl, she'd have raped twitter a hundred times over :p

Do you know anyone as addicted to twitter as she is?


Will be adding Linkin Park to the polls in a bit! I ♥ LP :D