Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watch Willow Whip Her Hair, and The Illuminati Takes Over The Industry

Remember that song I posted a while back from the Smith-ette? (yes, click on it, that's the post I'm talking about :p)

Well, here she is whipping her hair around like a cutiepie. She raps way better than her brother IMHO :p

Lots of people have been commenting on that video saying that the vid is laced with Freemason/Illuminati images. Can you spot them? Is it true that Oprah is their leader and Jay-Z and Beyonce are her lieutenants? Do you believe that heavy names of the music industry (Rihanna, Madonna, and Charice to name a few) are within the ranks of the Illuminati?



If you're curious, you can check the site theindustryexposed.com for a few stories. :p

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