Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hey guys!

I saw the comment on my post about mean people, and this was my reply:

"It's aright Archies! I didn't generalize because I know there are very passionate fans out there, and some of them tend to get immature (bad combination LOL), so it's understood. :)

I was actually thinking to myself one time, "Archie is just the sweetest boy ever, and he has some of the most rabid fans, too! Talk about a wide spectrum!" hahaha!

Apology accepted, thank you! And yes, please pass by soon! :D Same building and floor as magic, yes. And no, I don't post on the Cbox anymore 'coz there was an Impostor Issue once before :))"

So yeah, I don't post on the Cbox, but I read it everyday :) Hallo guys! :D

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