Monday, May 24, 2010

RT30 Countdown..biased? Oh dear, oh my!

I received a comment last Friday on the chart. Check it out:

So, exactly like I replied to Anonymous, it's your choice!

The keyword in the term, "Request Show" is "request". Without it, it'll just be a show. The keywords to the thought, "Most Requested Songs of the Week" would be "most requested". Naturally, if I was in charge of the songs that appear in the poll and the chart, then it wouldn't be the most requested, now would it? :)) It would just be my playlist then LOL.

I guess I need to remind you all about what I say every time I'm on-air:

and I quote, "If you liked this song and any other song for that matter, just go on over to and put a comment in our chatbox. It's to the right of the page, just scroll down a little bit. Enter the song title and artist that you want me to add to the chart and I'll get right to it when I see it, so you can start voting for it."

Like Anonymous said, "tangkilikin ang sariling atin inka, lahat ng dinadagdag mo sa poll mo puro foreign..tssk."

Again, that goes right back to you listeners out want OPM, naturally all you have to do is request for it, right? ;)

I'm just here to count your votes and play you the songs that YOU asked for :3


Anonymous said...

trolls are anywhere.. how sad.

We love Inka. <3


Fangboy here.

Inka said...

Aww!! Ahlavyou brewsters!!